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Fleetco Fleet Service is a business area dedicated to long-term car rentals. It was our first business area. During the years we gained experience in long term rentals.

This service is directed to individual customers, organisations (small, medium or large), and long-term projects that have one or more vehicles that recognise that by leaving your fleet with us, you will focus better in your business.

Our offer range from management of customer owned vehicles to entire fleet rentals.


Long Term Car Rental with Maintenance

Long-term car rental with maintenance includes:

  • Supply of a vehicle adapted to the customer's operations;
  • Preventive and corrective car maintenance, as per manufacturer recommendation;
  • Notification and collection of the vehicles for service and maintenance;
  • Car tracking;
  • Drivers management by providing information about drivers behaviour while using the vehicles;
  • Vehicle accident management;
  • Flexible contract options according to the customer requirements.


Long Term Car Rental without Maintenance 

  • Supply of a vehicle adapted to the customer's operations;
  • Car Tracking;
  • Fleet Reports, includes report on driver behaviour;
  • Vehicle accident management.



Driver Management

  • Each driver is identified by a unique driver chip;
  • Periodic reports are issued on driver behaviour on the roads;
  • Use of a driver scoring system.


Insurance Management

  • Insurance updates and related paperwork;
  • Management of claims;
  • Intermediation between the end user and the insurer;
  • Assistance on claims related process and paperwork.




Maintenance Management

  • Maintenance cost control and the control of the interventions made by the workshops to ensure the reliability of execution;
  • Advice on the need for additional services;
  • Negotiation of better prices with the workshops authorised by Fleetco;
  • Recommendation of the workshops to be used depending on the type of intervention;
  • Supply of monthly reports for customer management and control of the fleet;


Tracking Services

  • Real-time vehicle tracking;
  • Vehicle recovery, if stolen;
  • delimitation of routes to be used;
  • Speed limiters;
  • Fuel Management.



Sale and Lease Back

  • Aquisição das viaturas do cliente;
  • Aluguer da viatura ao cliente;
  • Manutenção preventiva e correctiva, conforme recomendação do fabricante;
  • Notificação e recolha da viatura para revisão e manutenção;
  • Sistema de rastreamento;
  • Relatórios sobre a frota incluído o comportamento dos condutores na condução;
  • Gestão de processo de acidentes;
  • Flexibilização do contrato em função das necessidades do cliente.




  • Financial savings: our clients report maintenance cost reductions from 20% to 35%;
  • Fleet audit & reporting: we will provide detailed information about your fleet once you adhere to our services;
  • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance: Fleetco assures its customers nearly 95% of vehicles availability;
  • Customised vehicles: vehicles are equipped with the right accessories according to the specific needs of the customer.


Contact us

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